Roulette Tips: How to Win at Roulette

Roulette Tips

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There are no certainties when playing Roulette and gambling games in general, but there are some tricks to be applied to increase your chances of winning.

Here you find the top 10 Roulette tips. Follow them if you want to win more every time you play online Roulette

As usual, keep in mind you that the best strategy is to play free Roulette games before you bet real money.

Use the free games to define your own style of play and then move onto the real money games to see why everyone thinks Roulette is the most exciting Casino game of all!

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10. Focus on Color

This is the easiest bet. You have a 50% chance of winning every time you play black or red and that's as good as it gets.

Unless you are SO lucky that the ball stops on 0.

So bet on red or black. If you win on your first bet, repeat the same bet and wager the same amount again.

Don't increase your bet as that would only expose you to useless risks and make you waste the amount you won.

If you lose a significant part of your Roulette budget, quit the game and come back another day.

9. Betting on Numbers

Betting on the set of numbers between 1-18 and 19-36 is a bit risky, although these bets pay off what you would win if you bet on color.

We recommend betting once or at most twice on the same set - and observe what happens during the game.

Research has shown that, statistically, after 7 throws there are more chances that numbers that haven't come out yet will be the winning ones.

If you lose three times in a row - consider to stop playing. It might simply not be your lucky day.

8. Betting on Rows

Betting on colors and betting on lines are quite the same thing.

If you won at the first throw - just keep the original bet as you continue to play. This way, you can always enjoy your profits when a losing streak begins.

If you lose too often the things to do at this point are two. You can either:

  • Stop playing…
  • …or double again

Doubling your bet you have the opportunity to recoup and get back everything you lost.

If you double your losing bet and you still don't win, stop playing and come back another day.

These are high-risk bets and you need to be careful when you make them part of your Roulette strategy.

7. Betting on Zero…Is Not Crazy

The numbers on the European Roulette wheel are 36 + 1 - because there's the 0, too.

Is betting on 0 Madness?

It is - unless you approach this bet strategically!

If you want to bet on 0, do this:

  • Bet $1 on red
  • Bet $1 on black
  • Bet $3 on 0

If you're lucky and the 0 comes out within the first 10 laps of the wheel you won $16.

Keep in mind that this result isn't an easy one because, statistically speaking, it happens once in about 60 games.

This way, however, you always win something until you get the super victory of the zero - and sooner or later that one has to come out!

Try this strategy on these free roulette games before you put your money on the line. You'll see this one is the best tip to win on Roulette you could ever learn.

If you want to invest (and risk) more, I have another interesting strategy for you.

Bet $1 on black, $1 on red, and $2 on zero.

If after 10 rounds you haven't won with 0 bet yet, double this bet (not the other two).

Continue 2x-ing your bet on 0 every 10 losing games. Within 60/70 games the zero will come out and your win will be huge!

Yes, this is also a very high-risk and a very expensive Roulette betting strategy.

6. Keep Track of the Game

This is a classic advice and valid Roulette tip that works for a lot of other games too.

Keeping track of the progress of the game is always a good tip to be able to predict the next numbers and colors, and to define your bets accordingly.

5. Play Free Roulette Games

Yes, this is the best strategy to follow if you really want to learn how to beat Roulette.

Play the free versions of all Roulette games (you can do that here), figure out which numbers can be considered 'your lucky ones', try different bets, and find the one betting strategy that's right for you.

Once you do this, you are ready to play real money Roulette games.

4. Don't Play More than You Should

Before you play real money Roulette games, give yourself a bet limit and set the maximum amount that you can afford to lose.

If decide that you shouldn't spend more than $40 on Roulette, that's where you need to stop. Once you reach your limit, don't insist.

Just close your computer and come back another day.

Roulette is a game of luck, don't ask for something you can't get!

3. Cash Out Your Winnings

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to win…and to continue to play because you don't know how to stop.

If you believe that luck will never turn its back to you…get ready to lose a lot of money.

Did you start with the right strategy? Did you win three times as much as you had set aside for the game?

Great! Now it's time to turn off your computer and come back another day.

Luck can't always on our side.

2. American Roulette Vs European Roulette

There are 2 types of roulette tables, the American and European roulette.

Never play American Roulette as this game features a double zero and fewer winning chances for the player.

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