Top Live Casinos Online in India to Play for Real Money

There is no better way to spend a quiet evening at home than playing few rounds of blackjack against a live dealer. Here you can find out everything you need to know about live casinos in India.

Best Live Dealer Casinos in India

A night at the casino is always a livid experience. The clicking sound when the ball is slowing down in the roulette wheel. Dealer calls out the winning number. Loud and cheerful shouts from all the lucky winners fill the room with ecstatic energy. The atmosphere and emotions you get at the casino are hard to describe. However, sometimes you just want to stay at home and place some bets from the comfort of your couch.

Online live casinos have all the excitement of the land-based casino, and you do not even have to leave your house. Modern technology brings the authentic casino feeling in the palm of your hand.

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Everything You Need to Know About The Live Casinos in India

Everything You Need to Know About The Top Live Casinos in India

Live casinos are not only convenient, but they are easy to use and entertaining as well.
Most popular live casino games are blackjack, baccarat and roulette. You can experience everything in real time. Winning a hand against an actual dealer feels so much better than winning against a machine.
The high-resolution streaming offers pristine video quality. You see everything that is going on at the table and making bets and keeping track of your money is made straightforward and user-friendly.

Best Live Casinos in India To Play Real Money Games

Finding the best casino can be a tiresome and challenging task. There are too many casinos out there. Some are rogue casinos, which should be avoided at any cost. However, it is not always easy to tell the difference between a legitimate business and a fraud site.
We have done all the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list of best live casinos in India.

When you know everything about the casino games and various bonus offers online casinos have, you can just click on one of the recommendations below, and start playing.

For all the players who would like to know more about live casino games and bonuses, I will guide you through the most popular games and promotions.

Live Dealer Roulette is Packed with Excitement

Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most exciting games you can play at online casino. The idea behind roulette is simple – decide where the ball will drop.

There are two main variations of roulette. European roulette wheel has numbers starting from zero and going all the way up to 36, while American roulette has one extra spot called 00.

Live Dealer Roulette

Whenever you want to play roulette, I strongly recommend going for the European version. You have better odds of winning there.

What makes roulette an outstanding casino game is the variety of ways to play. You can bet on a certain number and hope for it to come up. Placing your bet on one lucky number comes with the highest payout. However, it comes with the highest risk as well because the odds of getting it right are one to thirty-seven.

When you are looking for more laid back roulette experience, you could bet whether the ball falls on a red or black colour or if it will be an even or an odd number.

It Takes More than Blind Luck to Win at Live Blackjack

Roulette is a game of chance while blackjack takes skill. There is still much luck involved when playing blackjack, but knowing what to do in different situations helps tremendously.

The main idea of blackjack is beating the dealer's cards. You are dealt two cards, and then you have to decide what to do based on these cards.

Live Dealer Blackjack

The perfect hand is called blackjack, and it means having an ace and a card which gives ten points.

The perfect score at blackjack is 21, and if you go over it, you will lose the hand.

Learning how to play blackjack will increase your odds of winning hands and earning some money.

Before diving into the world of blackjack, you should read our guide on how to play the game and what to do in every situation that can occur when going against the dealer.

Live Baccarat is a Perfect Way to Wind Down From the Day

Baccarat is a game where you decide who will win – the banker or the player. Unlike blackjack or roulette, most of the work is done by the dealer, so you can just have a friendly chat with her.

Baccarat is one of the games that can get quite boring without the dealer, so I highly recommend playing baccarat against a live dealer.
Even though you only have to choose whether to bet on the player or the banker, you can still earn quite a bankroll and have a great time while playing it.

Everything You Need to Know About Live Casino Bonuses & Promotions

Everyone who has been playing at online live casinos knows that casinos have promotions for the loyal players and excellent bonuses for all the new players who are just learning about online casinos.

So, when you are a new player and would like to know more about bonuses offered by casinos, I have compiled a list of different rewards available at online casinos and an explanation what to expect.

No Deposit Bonus

Just like the name suggests you do not have to deposit to claim this reward. No deposit bonuses are mostly offered for all the new players to give them a chance to try out different games and find out what kind of gambling is best suited for them.

I know what you are thinking. Nobody in their right mind would give out free money. There has to be a catch.

In a sense you are right. You cannot make an account and just withdraw the free bonus money. The bonus cash comes with a wagering requirement.

Wagering requirement means that you have to use the bonus money to play casino games and win. After you have earned a certain amount of money, you can withdraw it.

Another thing to keep in mind is the maximum amount of money you can withdraw. Online casinos usually have a limit of bonus money, which can be cashed out.

It sounds harder than it is. But with a bit of luck, you can win quite a bit of money. What’s more, it will be a pretty sweet win because you did not have to invest anything to claim the money.

Deposit Bonus

When you are serious about online gambling, then you should look for online casinos with the best deposit bonuses available.
How does the live casino deposit work?

When you make your deposit, the casino will give you extra money to play a variety of games. The most common deposit bonus is 100% matched bonus, which means that they will double your deposit money.

Some of the casinos offer even a 200% match bonus, which will triple your initial deposit.

That is a hefty sum of money to play your favourite live casino games.

Bonus Codes for Live Casinos

Bonus codes come with exclusive offers and exceptional rewards for all the players who use them. One of the things to keep in mind though is the fact that casinos often change their bonus codes and when it has expired you cannot use it anymore.

Playing Live Casino Games on Mobile

Live Dealer Casino Mobile

Our lives have become centered around our smart devices, and these days you can do almost anything on your tablet or phone. Live casino games are no exception.

Most of the casinos have fully customized webpage you can use, or they have an app you can download to enjoy live casino games. Playing live casino games on your tablet or a phone is captivating and an exciting way to spend your time. However, there are few things to keep in mind when you want to enjoy live gambling on your handheld device:

The first and most important thing we should cover is the network connection. Live games are streamed in real time, which means that it requires a stable and fast network connection. There is nothing more frustrating than getting disconnected while the ball is about to drop on the roulette wheel and it was going towards a number you had covered with chips.

Another critical factor is the data usage. Streaming live casino in HD resolution can use quite a lot of data. Unless you have an excellent mobile network package, I would recommend using wi-fi to play the live casino games.

Live Casino Games for Android users.

Android users can download the app for their favourite casino from the Google Play, or if the casino does not have a dedicated app, you can go on the casino website through a browser, sign in, and start playing.

You can use these apps and websites on tablets as well if you are one of the players who enjoy having a bit larger screen.
One of the things to keep in mind though is the fact that some of the games you enjoy playing on your computer might not be available on mobile.

What About Live Casino Games on iPhone?

Apple lovers can download the app for iPhone or iPad from the Apple store and enjoy everything live casino has to offer. In case the casino does not have an app, you can go to their website and start playing as soon as you have signed in.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You have quite a few options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds from an online casino.

The most common method is using your VISA or Mastercard. Using your debit or credit card to withdraw the funds is not always the fastest method. When you are looking for the fastest way to add some money to your account or to cash out, you should consider using an e-wallet.

What kind of E-wallets are out there?

Using Skrill at Live Casinos

Skrill is an e-wallet, which is recognised and used by a large number of renowned online casinos.
Skrill makes it easy for you to manage your bankroll and everything concerning it in one place. One of the leading benefits of for Skrill is the speed of transfers.

When you are one of the players who love fast transfers, then Skrill is an excellent option for you. The processing times when using Skrill depend on a casino. Before making a deposit, you should check out how long will it take for transfers to come through.

Neteller as an e-wallet for Live Casinos

Neteller is similar to Skrill. It is an online platform, and you can make deposits from various sources such as debit or credit cards.

One of the neat features Neteller is offering is called Virtual credit card. You can use it as a real credit card to make purchases online or to play at your local casino.

Using PayPal at Live Casinos

Paypal is the most well-known and trusted payment method when it comes to online casinos. The processing times for PayPal are sometimes a bit longer than on an e-wallet such as Skrill.

The upside of using PayPal is the fact that it is a well-known payment method and easy to use.

Bitcoin and Live Casinos

Using Bitcoin as a form of payment is more difficult than the methods I have mentioned above. The problem comes from the fact that Bitcoins are untraceable, which means it can be potentially used for money laundering.

Many reputable casinos do not accept Bitcoins because of the legal reasons. However, if you are interested in using Bitcoin to play live casino games, you can check out the list we have compiled of the online casinos that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Are There any Live Slot Games?

Slot games have always been the battle between a man and the machine. Dealers have no place when it comes to online slot games.
When you are looking for a more social way to play slot games, you should take part in a slots tournament, where you can chat with other players while playing your favourite slot machine.