Top Online Casinos in India for Real Money Players

Playing at an online casino is meant to be a fun and exciting way to win some money. However, it can be a daunting task to find the right online casino. When you are new to online gambling, it can be a bit confusing. There are so many casinos to choose from, and most of them look excellent.

Top Online Casinos in India for Real Money Players

Some of the casinos look great on paper but fail to come through when it comes to playing.
We have reviewed a vast amount of different online casinos and found the best ones in India. All of the casinos we recommend are easy to use and secure.

What’s more, we have chosen the casinos with best bonuses available.

Just pick one the casinos below and start your online gaming journey.

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Best Online Casinos in India to Play Real Money Games

Best Online Casinos in India to Play Real Money Games

Winning some cash sounds tempting, but when you are new to casinos and have never played any casino games, we suggest you get familiar.

There are quite a few different ways to learn the games without spending your money.

Demo games are a great place to start. Many online casinos have a free-to-play option. It is a great way to start playing. You can test and try different games and find what works for you.

Slot games are easy to learn, but some of the casino games require a bit more knowledge. Blackjack, for example, is a game of luck and skill.

Furthermore, blackjack is one of the best games if you are trying to win some cash because casinos have the smallest house edge over the player.

However, knowing what you are doing makes the difference between making and breaking your bank.

Top Online Casino Games in India

The variety of casino games available can be puzzling at first. There are thousands of different slot games and many variations for such classic games like roulette. To find out what kind of games work best for you, we suggest starting on an online casino, which offers a wide variety of games and rewards you with an exceptional bonus to kickstart your journey.

Best Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions in India

Many casinos offer bonuses for all the new players. These bonuses may come as Free Spins, bonus cash or even some of your money back when luck has not been at your side.

Finding the best deals and promotions is no easy task. We have done all the hard work and found the best online casino bonuses available in India.

For all the players who want to know more about different bonuses, we have put together a quick guide which contains everything you need to know about casino bonuses.

Play at Online Casinos with Free Spins Bonuses

Play at Online Casinos with Free Spins Bonuses

Free spins are an excellent way to get into online gambling. Free spins are usually given out for signing up on an online casino or as a reward for being a loyal player. These spins are risk-free and a great way to earn some money. However, there are few things to keep in mind when using your free spins.

  1. Free spins are usually available on specific slot games
  2. There is a wagering requirement you have to meet before you can withdraw your winnings.
  3. There is a maximum amount of money you can withdraw from Free Spins

You should look into these three aspects before claiming your Free Spins, especially when you are here to earn some money.

No Deposit Bonuses For Online Casinos in India

Just like the name suggests, these bonuses come with no need to invest any money.
These rewards are usually given out as a welcome bonus. No deposit bonuses are typically given out as Free Spins or a bit of bonus money. We already covered the Free Spins, and the bonus money works similarly.

One of the most significant advantages of bonus money is the fact that you can use it to play a wide variety of games. Unlike the Free Spins, Bonus money is not limited to few slot games.

Welcome Bonuses Available at Online Casinos

When you are serious about online gambling, then you should look for an online casino with great welcome bonus.

The most common welcome bonus is called the deposit match bonus. It is regularly 100% matched bonus, but some sites offer up to 400% more money. What it means is that casino will double, triple or even quadruple your first deposit.

For example, you deposit 50€, and the casino offers a 100% matched bonus. The matched bonus means that you will get 100€ instead of 50€. Deposit match bonuses are an exceptional way to boost your online casino experience and get most out of your money.

Where Can I Best Get Bonus Codes?

Bonus codes are another way to offer exclusive rewards for all the players. These codes can be used to get some special rewards such as extra Free Spins or an outstanding matched bonus.
Take a look at the codes available exclusively for CasinoSmash readers

Play Casino Games on Your Mobile Phone

Play Casino Games on Your Mobile Phone

Mobile gaming has become more and more popular over the past years. Almost all online casinos offer a way for you to play on your handheld device. There are two different approaches when it comes to mobile gambling, and we will cover both of the forms.

  1. Online casino app you can download and use
  2. Fully customised mobile website

The first one is pretty straightforward. Just download the application for your iPhone or Android device, sign up, and start playing.
Fully customised website means that the online casino has a dedicated webpage, which works on your mobile or tablet.
Both of these approaches come with some advantages and disadvantages. For example, some of the online casinos only have app for Android or iPhone, while the mobile website works for both.

Are All the Games Available on Mobile?

Not all of the games you can enjoy on the computer are available on mobile. However, some of the games are exclusively available only on mobile.

If you would like to know more about the mobile casinos and the collection of games they have, you can read our reviews or take a look at our mobile casino guide for 2019.